Clinch – Automatic Video Editor (now free on Android)

This amazing little video editor is now free on Android. Not only will it edit videos, it can also connect to social media networks and even use media from the internet and your friend’s phones to make your videos better.

Photti -Manage automatically your photos by timeline (now free on iOS)

A simple and really useful photo management service, Photti can automatically sort your photos into albums according to date. Users can also combine or divide albums at their own discretion. It supports social media networking for a user’s photos and entire albums.

Cool Storage (new and free on Windows Phone 8)

Cools storage is neat database for Windows Phones. Users can design their databases according to their requirements and the store their data on the phone and even back up data on SkyDrive. Users can store any kind of data ranging from phone numbers to credit card number to information on people to passwords and PIN numbers.