Though Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, but as masses we didn’t find the  Surface Pro 2 release much alluring. Mainly because of the below mentioned reasons:

Features of Microsoft Surface Pro 2

  1. The Surface 2 is more or less similar to its predecessor
  2. The first set didn’t receive a great welcome hence, the second hasn’t got the similar acknowledgement either
  3. The Silver colour of the Surface Pro 2 is not as attractive as the black one of its predecessor.
  4. The price of the Surface 2 has been tagged at $449.
  5. Finally, Microsoft hasn’t learnt from its mistakes and has repeated them again.
  6. Though the battery has been worked upon, but it is still not efficient
Apple iPad 4 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 2

However, on the contrary talking about Apple iPad 4, the device runs on the newly launched iOS6 and comes with amazing camera quality. The Led backlit, IPS LCD screen is vibrant and amazing for video watching and gaming. It is a much appreciated device and is well loved by those who prefer reading on tablet and making use of it while travelling. Though, Microsoft will release the Surface Pro 2 in the coming October, yet Apple stands tough in competition to the newly launched series from the shed of Microsoft.