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Top 10 Pokémon X and Y Tips and Tricks On Its Release

So the Pokemon X and Y series have been officially launched. Before you start playing the series, it’s a good idea to learn about some easy tricks and tips. We’ve got you some of the best ones to get you raging ahead of competitors.

Pokemon X and Y tricks and tips

  • In Pokemon X and Y, players get a chance to own not just one but three starters for the party as game is advancing.
  • Professor Sycamore gives players a unique option of first-gen starters once the player meets him at the later stage of the game.
  • Players should not forget hooking up to WiFi and grabbing the exciting Torchic.
  • As far as mega evolution is concerned, Y will give few Pokemon stat boosts.
  • The X is best at changing types, like imparting Charizard X an authentic hybrid avatar.
  • This will be the only distinct between the two games. Players can choose the one they think has best play and box art.
  • When players start the game, they will be getting the EXP Share.
  • The EXP Share happens to be better, newer and also much improved than the outgoing version.
  • Players should never turn the EXP Share once they have got it.

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