The world has waited for five years for the latest variant of the world wide phenomenon Grand Theft Auto. Here are the top 10 killer features of GTA 5.

  1. Planes. GTA 4 was just one massive city and had no planes. GTA 5 is spread out over an island that includes the city of Los Santos and its surrounding areas. Rockstar has re-introduced planes and air strips with GTA 5.
  2. Massive player customization is something that is expected with sandbox games. GTA 5 brings back what GTA 4 left out, tattoo parlours, clothes shops and more.
  3. Extra activities have always been a staple of GTA games. GTA 5 takes that to a new level with the possibility to play 18 holes of golf, sky dive, visit shooting ranges, scuba diving, and hunting. And there is probably more that Rockstar hasn’t told us about as of yet
  4. Gunplay has always been a major shortcoming of GTA games but it would seem that Rockstar has taken care of that with GTA 5. Expect tighter controls, an improved weapon wheel and higher accuracy. Also, running out of ammo will no longer mean that you have to buy the weapon again; weapons will now stay in the inventory.
  5. GTA 5 will feature a real time game experience like never before. No more finishing a mission and appearing outside the building with everything back in its place. Now, things will remain as the player leaves it. Also, no more breaks when a player starts a cut scene. Cut scenes will not start seamlessly from gameplay.
  6. GTA 5 has three playable characters, a first for the GTA series. Trevor is a crazy redneck form Blaine County, Michael is an ex con with family issues living in the Rockford Hills suburb and Franklin works as a car repo man living in Vespucci. All have different special skills, friends and favourite activities and hangouts.
  7. Heists in GTA 5 are the main action in the game; GTA 5 is based around five of them. GTA 5 gives the player unprecedented control of how the action plays out; smash the door of a jewelry store and freak out the public or drop sleeping gas and take the silent route, it is all up to the player.
  8. GTA 5 lets players explore an underwater world for the first time, hunt for treasure while scuba diving or even in a mini submarine!
  9. GTA 5’s online world will be fully immersive; rob liquor stores with buddies, kill other players and steal their cash along with the normal online fare like races and deatmatches.

GTA 5 has the most massive and immersive sandbox experience ever – the world is spread over 49sq kms! Expect weather changes to affect how people and even the seas behave