Day by day the demand of iPads has been increasing. When there is such a huge demand, the users should definitely be given more. For this purpose, Apple has introduced numerous useful apps and the most important section of apps introduced by them is the various apps for wealth. The 10 best iPad apps for wealth are mentioned below.

PocketMoney – This app can be considered as a wonderful personal financial manager. It is featured with a budget bar panel and indicates your money that is spent every month and also identifies the areas of savings. With the help of this app, you can surely manage your investments, accounts, transactions etc. in an effective manner.

HomeBudget (with Sync) – In this app, you need to enter your income and expenses and with these figures, the app will display a graphical breakdown as to how the money is performing. Multiple accounts can be tracked with the help of this application.

Bloomberg – This app is meant to check the rate of your stocks and will provide with an idea on the investment strategy. This can be an amazing app for the professional traders as well as the amateur traders.

Easy Books – For the self-employed people, maintaining a lot of accounts and books is often a problem. With the help of this app, bookkeeping can be easily done. It facilitates great invoicing system as well.

The Wall Street Journal – The official app of this international daily is available with amazing quality. The interactive pages featured in this app makes it extremely appealing. You can also get detailed information on the financial times as well.

PayPal – With PayPal being installed in your iPad, online shopping can be done with just a go! It definitely facilitates secured way of payment.

Account tracker – This app can be considered an amazing budgeting tool. It facilitates account tracking, expense management and a lot more. With this app, you can get a view of the condition of all the money that you have.

powerOne Finance Calculator – With this calculator, you can calculate a lot of things such as return on investment, depreciation, compound growths, profit margins and many other things. Hence, it can be considered the best app for the account managers.

iCurrency Pad – If you are dealing with foreign currencies, then this app can prove to be something brilliant. It facilitates easy currency conversion and is also easy to operate.

Meter readings – This will display the projection of energy usage of various things like water, gas, electricity etc. in the form of graphs. This will prove to be one of the best money-saving apps.