iPads have been in great demand since the time of their introduction. The numerous applications that are featured in the iPads make it a wonderful device. However, considering numerous things in the iPads, the health apps can never be left out. Below mentioned are the top 10 best iPad apps for health that have been introduced.

iTrage – This is a complete checker that provides with information on the symptoms of various health problems and diseases. It also includes contact information of various hospitals, doctors and various other medical hotlines.

Zuum – This is a wonderful application that is known to be developed by the experts and they provide with tips on the prevention of various diseases. With this, the risk of such diseases will be eliminated.

Fitness Pal – Fitness Pal is known to be a calorie counter and also a diet tracker. The database consists of more than 1 million foods and is also featured with a barcode scanner. The facts about various packaged food substances will also be known through this app.

Couch to 26.2 – This is known to be an amazing application that is designed by an expert personal trainer and it helps the users to prepare themselves to run a marathon. It assists in providing with a lot of information on the do’s and don’ts of a marathon running.

MyWOD – This health app is known to be a perfect workout log for the cross fit. It is known to be featured with more than 100 inbuilt WODs.

iMuscle – This is a perfect application, which assists the users to build muscles. It is 3D app featured with animation and when you touch a muscle of the animation, it will suggest you such exercises, with which, the specific part of the body can gain muscle. It concentrates on the overall fitness.

Track3 – This app can be considered as a perfect diabetes planner. With the help of this app, you can get to log meals and it also provides with a lot of information on the sugar and carbohydrates and also logs insulin and assists by tracking the glucose levels. All these aspects can be collectively emailed to the doctor.

Menu planner – With the help of this app, the users will be able to create their meal plans for the complete month and they can also import their favorite recipes from various other sites. It also helps in the creation of a shopping list.

Eat-and-Move-o-Matic This app is specially meant for the children, which helps them to check as to how many calories are included in the food stuffs they consume and they can compare the time that is required to burn off the calories.

All-in YOGA HD – This is a wonderful app, which trains the users on the basics as well as on the advanced techniques of Yoga.