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Top 10 Android and iPhone Apps for 2012

We love our smartphones, whether they’re Android-based, iPhones, or Windows phones. But what would these OS’s be, if not for their app stores? An OS is only as good as the variety of apps it offers to make our lives simpler. And while Windows Phones may not yet have caught up, Android and iOS are the hottest smartphone OS’s of the year. Here’s our list of the top 10 iOS and Android apps for 2012:

Google Maps: Let’s face it. We get lost, and we hate asking for directions. So, with GPS and Google Maps, we’ve gotten so dependent on our phones to take us places. With a host of features like StreetView and turn-by-turn navigation, it’s the one app we all love to have and love to use.

Facebook: Much as we like finding our way around, we also love spending time on this absolutely addictive social network. And we love doing it more through our mobiles than we do through our PCs. No wonder then that Facebook also finds a mention in our list of the best apps list even in 2012.

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Instagram: More good news for Mark Zuckerberg here. Instagram took photo sharing to a whole new level, making it so simple for us to click professional images with the various filters provided, and upload them onto social networks with just as much ease. 2012 was when Instagram was launched for Android as well, which just made the app a whole lot more popular.

Angry Birds Star Wars: Yes, we love our Angry Birds. And the geeks love Star Wars. 2012 was the year when Rovio decided to merge these two together to create their most popular game yet – Angry Birds Star Wars. With piggies taking on Darth’s costume, this has been one of the most engaging installments of Angry Birds, so far.

YouTube: As almost everyone embraces 3G networks for their smartphones, and some have even begun moving on to 4G, YouTube has gained more popularity as a source for entertainment on our smartphones. Making video streaming so much faster, it’s not surprising why we love checking out videos on our phones when we have nothing else to do.

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Twitter: Twitter has taken the world by storm. Just 140 characters at a time to make a point – and we’ve been doing so through our mobiles too! The mobile app for Twitter finds its place among the best apps for 2012, given just how many people love sending out Tweets into the world using their smartphones. It’s immediate, it’s quick, and it’s amazing.

Pandora Radio: Pandora had made quite the hype when it launched a few years ago. The internet radio that offered personalized services and enabled us to discover tons of new music of our liking got its mobile version too. It’s free, and lets you create up to 100 different stations based on your favorite genres.

The Weather Channel: We love to know how the weather is before we step outside, take a trip, etc. and that’s where The Weather Channel comes to our rescue. The best thing – it is one of the most accurate apps providing weather updates by the hour, day or the week. Oh, and the animated radars just make knowing about the weather even more fun.

Netflix: The popular website where you can pay monthly subscription and watch the latest TV series and movies online also found itself going mobile, and how! It’s entertainment on the go, and even if you need to pay for it, let’s face it, when you get to see the latest episode of your favorite TV shows without any commercials, no matter where you are, you can’t help but love this app!

Where’s My Perry?: This game is one of the most addictive apps ever to find its way into the app stores. It’s all about helping a platypus secret agent find his way through series of underground dungeons. The game has over 80 puzzles already, and growing, to keep you engaged and spend your time.

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