Saturday, May 18, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Motorola X: To Break The Galaxy S4 Boundaries, Motorola Is Coming With Panache

The Motorola X Phone is all set to make a splash—and in a big way!!

The debut of the much awaited Motorola X Phone can change the fortunes for Motorola. Along with the Motorola X Phone, the company is all set to launch entire line of Android smart phones in the months to come. However, with the  Samsung Galaxy S4 making waves in the telecommunications industry, it may be difficult for Motorola to take up the challenges head on.

In recent times, Nokia and other reputed device makers have been facing tough competition from Samsung and have started looking towards launching more affordable versions. As far as Nokia is concerned, their troubles are connected with their own hardware and the Windows Phone 8. Moreover, the hurdles and problems faced by OS based phones are much more than the roadblocks faced by the Android devices.

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With Google on its side, Motorola is certainly in a more advantageous position –and set to take on the magnum challenges of facing Samsung. The first versions of the Motorola X Phone will be launched in June and is expected to be highly customizable. As per reports, the users of Motorola X Phone can go in for user defined colors and RAM through its online flagship stores and carriers.

Get ready to take the plunge….!


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