Contactless payments have just gained even more significance amidst the COVID-19 social-distancing norms. In view of the pandemic, Titan has also launched a new set of 5 Analogue Watches in India. While, neither of the watches can be described as a smartwatch, they do come with a particular smart feature making them relevant for the current times.

Titan Partners with SBI For The New Payment Watches

New Titan analogue watches are the first-ever contactless payment watches in India. The new Titan watches rely on the NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology for secure contactless payments. Moreover, the popular watch manufacturer has also partnered with the leading Indian bank, State Bank of India for its latest offerings. The five Titan watches come with an NFC chip in their strap to enable contactless payments. Users can simply tap theirTitan Pay powered Watch on the contactless payment POS machines for making a transaction.

Gadgets 360° quoted the Titan MD, C K Venkataraman, “Titan has always been at the pinnacle of design and innovation. We have always launched products to cater to the changing needs of our consumers. SBI is the perfect partner to introduce a payment solution for the new normal that is fast, secure and seamless. This product will not only satisfy the consumer’s banking needs but will also serve today’s evolving consumers with its classic and sophisticated designs.”


However, owing to the Titan-SBI partnership, the watch currently works with State Bank of India cards alone. Furthermore, the single transaction limit has currently been set at Rs. 2000. Users will be required to manually enter their PIN for transactions or payments involving larger sum.

Titan Contactless Payment watches Prices in India

Notably, the new analogue Titan watches are currently available in five versions. Three of these models are for men while the other two are for women. The three contactless payment analogue watches designed for men have been priced by Titan at Rs. 5995, Rs. 3995 and Rs. 2995 respectively.  On the other hand, the two women watches are priced at Rs. 4395 and Rs. 3895.

The new Titan watches will feature a round dial with the classic Black and Brown leather straps. However, the most expensive one on the list will also feature gold accents, additional dials for day and date as well as dedicated payment buttons. You can now check out and purchase the new Titan payment watches at the Titan India website.

Interestingly, the new NFC-enabled payment watches from Titan came a day after the launch of new Apple Watch Series 6 and a cheaper Apple Watch SE at the Apple September Event. It would be interesting to see how Indian buyers like the new Titan watches in the times of advanced smartwatches. Share what you think of the new Titan Pay powered watches in the comments below.