Just like one has to visit the doctor for regular checkups, it is essential that you must take check your MacBook in order to protect it from viruses and malwares and hardware issues. But these are not the only issues that you might encounter since there is a very high chance that it might damage due to water spilling  If, by chance your MacBook has encountered with water spilling issue, try these simple steps to prevent hardware damage:

  • Tips to save your MacBook from water damage Shutting down the laptop- It is advisable that you must shut down your MacBook as soon as possible since the damage will be more severe if you continue to use the laptop ever after water slippage.
  • Unplugging accessories- make sure that you unplug all the accessories such as charger, external USB drives, mouse, speakers etc. removing these accessories will provide open spaces through which water can drain out from your MacBook.
  • Drying- it is not easy to dry the water that has already slipped inside the laptop but one has to be cautious while removing water from the outside. It is advisable that you must use a clean and dry towel or any kind of foam to dry the water which has spilled on the outside portion of your MacBook.
  • Flipping your MacBook- a good thing to prevent water slippage is to turn your MacBook upside down in such a manner so that the keyboard faces downwards. This will make way for the water that has slipped through the keyword. Also try to place the MacBook in an elevated manner so that the screen is facing downwards.
  • Removing back cover- if you have a good expertise in handling gadgets, you may even open the back cover of your MacBook. Also make sure that you remove the battery as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

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