Many Android users have heard the word “rooting” and wondered why they should bother to root their new device such as the Galaxy S4 – it puts the device at risk. And yet it is one of the best parts of the Android experience! Here are some reasons to root your new Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. Custom themes. Pretty much the most important reason. Rooting opens the Galaxy S4 to accepting many more themes and a user can actually get rid of the Samsung version of Android for something more in tune with their personality.
  2. Options. Rooting will open a whole slew of new options to customise the Galaxy S4. From maintenance to app control.
  3. Applications. This is also a biggie. Many apps available on Google Play are only for rooted devices. And even those that work on an un-rooted Galaxy S4 will have much more capability once the Galaxy S4 has been rooted.

While it is a great way to get more out of the Galaxy S4, rooting is risky. Make sure to back up all data before attempting a root. And remember, rooting is the best way to make your phone faster since you can get rid of all the unnecessary bloat ware that Samsung fills the phone with.