We all are aware of the fact Apple’s map app was a total wash out. So what we want  next are few alternatives to it so that we can navigate around the world hassle free.  Off course the first and best alternative to the apple map is Google Map app. Google Map app has been relaunched with major improvements which has brought a sigh of relief to the Apple users.  Some other alternatives to Google Map app have specialised in  getting around on foot, while others focus more on the driving experience, with voice-enabled, turn-by-turn navigation.

So without much ado lets have a look at 3 best alternatives to Apple Map App:

Google Maps:

One word for Google Map App, delectable! With its extraordinary interface and detailed turn by turn direction travelling becomes a breeze. The point-of-interest is comprehensive and precise, which gives a whole new meaning to  navigation. And a little cherry on the cake is transit directions, which is one of the brightest point of this map app.


Though quite general, Bing maps are solid. It has a extensive POI base and gives walking, transit and driving directions swiftly. It also brings out the current traffic conditions and has a vigorous Facebook integration which is a plus.

Garmin USA:

The latest version of Garmin is superior than the previous which had many noteworthy loopholes.  The app has a Garmin’s trademark interface, POI search capabilities coupled with Google Local Search. The 3D view of the buildings adds up to the whole Garmin experience.