The subscribers of Playstation Plus have a reason to rejoice this New Year.  Sony has revealed a list of games including BioShock 2 which would be free for the subscribers.  BioShock 2 is a sequel to the much popular survival horror FPS BioShock.

The game has been conceptualized by talented teams a t2K Marin and Digital Extremes. You will take charge as ‘Big Daddy’ in this thrilling adventure where you would be out on enigmatic coastlines of Atlantic saving girls.

This would be a great time to visit Rapture with BioShock Infinite just over the horizon. BioShock will be free from January 2.

The other game to come for free this January is Guardians of Middle Earth. The game is multiplayer specially developed with a controller in mind, as most MOBAs are played on the PC with the keyboard and mouse setup.

The last game on the list Mortal Kombat series, simply titled Mortal Kombat. The game goes back to its 2D fighting roots and has fast-paced combat and plenty of violence and gore. It will be available from January 2.

Complied by Tech Thirsty Team