There is some good news and some bad news for all prospective buyers of the soon to be released Xbox One.

The good news first – up to eight players can play on one Xbox One console at the same time. This is up the Xbox 360’s four players. Also, the controllers for the Xbox One will have a wireless reach of 30 feet. This will be especially great for those group sessions of FIFA, which brings me to the bad news.

Leaks by big shots in the Microsoft Xbox One team led many to believe that all who pre order the Xbox One would receive a free copy of the upcoming FIFA 14. This is not true. Microsoft has clarified that only those who pre order the Day One Edition of the new console will be getting the free game. It has also been revealed that the Xbox One will not support external storage! This is a remarkably poor call on the part of Microsoft but it has been tempered by news that future Xbox One updates will tackle this particular issue.