For those obsessing in the world of gaming, the Grand Theft Auto games have always been exciting and thrilling. Engaging players in their world of sandbox, Rockstar Games is all set to release the Grand Theft Auto V games, with as said by Chris Baker, “surprising narrative richness”.

With a thrill of crime and chase, the edition comes five years after its predecessor.

The gaming company has also taken out a five-minute trailer for the Grand Theft Auto, which shows the game to be bigger and involving.

With bright and clear graphics, the Grand Theft Auto V plunges players into the world of country side with intact wilderness, beaches and backwoods, the inspiring and the absurd.

Based around three protagonists, the game allows users to switch players at will. It includes Michael, the bank robber-cum-family man; Franklin, the street-smart hustler; and Trevor, who looks like a very angry person.

Players can plan, execute and staff the move in standard GTA style, while these three indulge in a series of heists.

Commit any crime and you won’t be arrested. Yes that can only be done in this thrilling game. Players can travel around the streets in luxury, trouble innocent citizens or cause any kind of chaos in Southern California.

Slated for a September 17th release, the Grant Theft Auto V will arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.