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The Wait For Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Ending: This May Be The Last Laugh For Apple iPhone 5?

All eyes are going to be at the iconic Radio City music hall in New York on March 14th as Samsung unveils its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, to the world. The event is going to be one of the biggest in the tech world and fans across the world can check out its live broadcast.


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Even though the phone is yet to release, the internet is flooded with numerous rumors about its capabilities. So if this is how much publicity the phone has managed to garner even before its release, we wonder just how big a limelight it will capture after its launch. Is archrival Apple equipped to handle one more attack from Samsung on its iPhone 5?

If it was the Galaxy S3 that ended up stealing the show last year, the launch of this phone could only spell more trouble for Apple, with the iPhone 5 sales further slumping. The iPhone 5 didn’t exactly make a huge impact on the market, and was plagued by further controversies related to the Apple Maps, issues with shareholders, etc.

Analysts are also predicting a major victory in the smartphone battlefield for Samsung over Apple over the next couple of years. They seem confident that Apple’s current iPhone 5 and even its immediate successor, the impending iPhone 5S will fail to match up to the fine capabilities of the Samsung flagship.

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The numbers tell the tale – while Apple took 15 months to ship 110 million units of its iPhone 5, Samsung is expecting to touch the number in just 9 months. Samsung is also increasingly focusing on suppliers to provide ample supply of raw materials to meet the high production, probably pulling them away from Apple too.

The Galaxy S4 is rumored to have a 5-inch screen, a 13 MP rear camera and an octo-core processor. With specs like this, it’s not surprising that it could not only be one of the most powerful phones in the market, but also one that can take great pictures and allow for comfortable viewing. To take on Samsung, Apple is also rumored to have decided to launch the iPhone 5S sooner than originally planned. But would that be adequate?

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