The Sony Xperia Honami and the Apple iPhone are two of the most eagerly anticipated new smartphones expected to hit the market. While the Xperia Honami is expected to be released on the 4th of September, the iPhone 6 is only expected to reach us sometime in November.

The Xperia Honami and the iPhone will have some pretty good specifications – both of them are expected to run quad core processors probably paired with 2GB RAM chips. Again, both of the phones will have pretty similar screen sizes, the Xperia Honami will be 5 inches and the iPhone 6 will likely be the same or maybe just a bit smaller at 4.8 to 4.9 inches. The iPhone 6 will definitely have the amazing Retina display and the Honami will likely also run a pretty impressive 1080p full HD display. The big difference will be the camera – while Apple is likely to give the iPhone 6 the best camera that an iPhone has ever had, a 12MP shooter capable of slow motion recording Sony wants to market the Honami as aCyberShot smartphone and it is rumoured to host a 20MP camera with a CMOS sensor making for really quick auto focus times and amazing photos.