Monday, June 5, 2023
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The Smelly And Tasty Case Of iPhone 5: Now A New Processor Will Let Your iPhone 5 Smell, Even Your Bad Breath

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What is the latest interesting thing you have heard about your iPhone 5? What we are hearing from the technology insiders is that Adamant Technologies has designed a new processor which will let your Apple iPhone 5 make out tastes and smells. Doesn’t it sound impressive?

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This novel processor would house 2000 sensors which are much more than that a human nose posses. The chips to perform this interesting function would be rolled out by the San Francisco in a year or two.

It has also been reported that along with the smell and taste feature Adamant is coming up with app that will give users a smell of their breath and would inform them what caused bad breath.

Venture Capitalist Vinad Khosla have supported the company to meets its finances and it seems the kinds of apps they are developing they are soon going to taste and smell the success in a big way.

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