Apple  always gets an affiliation with rumors for one or another reason. This time, the company is again in discussion for the launch of its future generation iPhone. Rumors are there that the  iPohne 5S device will be designed with a touch home button of sapphire crystal capacitive material.   This is not the first time when Apple is planning to offer that kind of home button. The manufacturer of smart phones has already represented a finger print sensor capacitive home button earlier.

The big news there is that the home button in the future generation  iPhone will not be physical as it gets unsuccessful often after long term use. Thus, this touch button will be designed better with the fingerprint sensor. There is no other idea to please the customer community from iphones next generation if the problem of physical home button will still be there.  Keeping the public demand on mind, the technicians in the Mac’s laboratory are busy discussing the best suitable set of features for all of you.