Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: Standing In Direct Competition To Apple’s iPhone 5

Galaxy S III miniWhen rumors of Samsung launching a smaller version of its flagship Galaxy S III surfaced the corner, there was an air of credibility to the speculations. And on Thursday, the Korean manufacturer uncovered the toned-down version of Galaxy S III smartphone, called the Galaxy S III Mini.

Standing in direct competition to Apple’s newest iPhone 5, the Galaxy S III mini has a 4-inch display screen, same as the former. Together, Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone market, controlling over one-half of the US market.

Spilling all the beans over the device, Samsung says this mini smartphone will come equipped with a 5 MP camera instead of the 8 MP of the larger version. It also said that the device will not operate on high-speed 4G LTE networks, which might make it pricing relatively low.

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Furthermore, the Galaxy S III mini’s sharp Super AMOLED screen and general design offers it a stylish look. With a 1GHZ dual-core processor, the device will run Google’s latest Android system, Jelly Bean.

This smaller version of the Galaxy S III will support 32GB memory at the max. The device seems to be a great fit for small hands and pockets.

However, no announcement for its availability or pricing in the US was made by Samsung.

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