All is not well between Facebook and Twitter since the time former has bought the image-sharing app Instagram. As per the recent reports, Twitter is all set to answer back Facebook with the updates for its mobile apps which is going be much similar to Instagram. The update will let users apply filters for their pictures and let them share their pictures over micro blogging sites.

However, Twitter has already gained so much popularity that introducing an Instagram like feature may seem unnecessary but it will surely give users an ease to share the pictures.

To make the sharing on twitter trouble-free Instagram recently revealed, that it will now translate @mentions for users who have a Twitter username different from their Instagram one.

According to Tech 2 “if the @mentioned user’s Instagram account is connected to Twitter, her Instagram username will show up in the image caption, while her Twitter username will appear in the tweet. The @mentioned users whose Instagram accounts are not connected to Twitter will have their Instagram username show up in the image caption and the @sign will be omitted from the username when the image is shared to Twitter. As for those @mentions that do not match any Instagram usernames, the @ sign will be carried over to Twitter as they are”

Last year the rumors regarding Instagram making its way to the windows 8 handsets had also poured in. According to a report by The Verge, sources familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans informed it that the app may be made available for this platform.

Since its very inception Instagram is very much compatible with iOS devices. Due to its growing popularity, its developers have launched the service for Android devices as well. The author of the report by The Verge, Tom Warren, states, “We’re hearing from sources familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone plans that an Instagram app will be made available for the platform, despite Facebook’s recent acquisition of the service for $1 billion”.