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The Real Human Beings Come to Sony PS4, PS3 Held The Technology Back…

In an interesting move to offer gamers the best gaming experience, Sony has decided to push up the realism feature and house characters that look like real human beings in its upcoming next-generation PlayStation; the PS4.   

Taking this creative and innovative move might be a huge step for the success of the forthcoming PS4 that’s anticipated to roll out by the end of this year.

Hoping to make the computer-generated characters look real, Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect, PS4 addressed the audience at Develop In Brighton 2013. He said that this move will make gamers so engrossed in the game that they might overlook the fact that they are looking at CGI rather than captured video.

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Calling the whole experience of creating a PlayStation magical, Cerny said that the lack of showing human emotions in the PS3 was holding the technology back in the world of storytelling, when compared to the film world, where real people act.

Expected to roll out with an infusion of creativity, the PS4 might come out this holiday season, costing $399 in the U.S. and £349 in the UK. However, Sony hasn’t revealed any specific date for release.


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