Following the success of the Surface Pro, Microsoft, we hear is working on to offer a Surface 2 anytime soon now.

Touted as the Surface Plus, Microsoft is rumored to launch a huge collection of devices under this range. Expected to fight with other tabs in line, the range of Surface tabs might include 7-inch and 8-inch editions along with a rumored 13.6-inch touchscreen Ultrabook.

With latest and innovative technologies, the upcoming Surface might include NFC, LTE and even wireless charging. Previous rumors also indicate towards the 4G LTE version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chip running Windows RT in Surface 2 tabs. The tabs might also use the new high-speed, low-power 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

Thin and light, the Surface Pro might hold 42Wh battery along with a powered keyboard dock.

Expected to include Office 2013, we hope Microsoft offers the device with a full power adapter for quick charging rather than just a USB cable to charge.

Previous rumors also hit the web indicating towards an Xbox-branded gaming Surface to go with the new Xbox that Microsoft might unroll in 2013, possibly with upgraded graphics to let users play all the more powerful and great games.