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The PS4 VS Xbox One-What Will You Buy On New Year?



There have been many complaints about the recent batch of Xbox One having been manufactured with broken disk Drives. The drives apparently can’t seem to recognize things like DVD’s, Blu-Rays and even game discs. This concern came around Christmas time when many buyers had opened their Xbox One only to discover that all the discs were either broken or faulty. 

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This problem has become a concern for many buyers as the complaints have started after a long time and Microsoft has devised a solution in which they will replace all broken discs. It seems that this solution may not be the best one as a certain clause holds a certain surprise.

This clause states that customers, who are looking to replace their console, will get one that is completely refurbished. This is because this clause enables the repairs to be done using refurbished parts or a completely refurbished unit.

According to a case related to these broken Xbox One incident as brought forward by WCCF, a customer had returned his Xbox One to the store after he complained that it was faulty and had received a replacement with scratches on it. When he had contacted customer care, he was told that all Xbox Ones with broken discs were being returned to the manufacturers.      

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