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The Photomania Factor: With 400 Effects And Cloud-Based Servicing Add A Refreshing Spin To Your Facebook Photos

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Cloud-based service and instant effects make Facebook app Photomania the undisputed champion of photo editing, Aiswarya Gopan finds out by conversing with  the Co-founder and CEO, Ofir Yosef

PhotoMania is a social photo editing service that is currently available as a Facebook app. Developed by Trionity, it provides users with over 400 different effects that they can choose from to enhance their pictures. With over 35 million users, it is one of the fastest growing apps on Facebook, and will soon be available as a mobile app as well as for web use. The Tech Thirsty team got a rare glimpse into PhotoMania through an interview with the Co-founder and CEO, Ofir Yosef, and learnt a lot about what makes this app click so well.

Here are some more interesting figures about PhotoMania:

  • It ranks number 1 on Facebook among the photo editing apps and is among the top 20 entertainment apps on the social network.
  • Ever since its launch about 1.5 years ago, the PhotoMania Facebook app has managed to get over 35 million active users
  • Over 900 million photos have been created on the app so far, of which over 150 million have been shared on Facebook
  • The app’s Facebook page has over 3.5 million Likes, and growing
  • Over 2 million photos are created using PhotoMania every single day by more than 200,000 active users

PhotoMania is not just one of the fastest growing apps on Facebook, but is also among the biggest on this social network. It’s an instant solution that gives users over 400 effects and filters to apply on their images, including sketches, painting, etc. With such a wide range of effects to choose from, it’s no wonder then that the average user spends over 15 minutes per session on PhotoMania, a much higher average than the usual 1-2 minutes spent on other apps.

What makes PhotoMania unique is its cloud-based service offering. Unlike traditional photo-editing apps or software, the image processing doesn’t take place at the client side. Users upload photos via the app to the PhotoMania servers, where  the app processes them, applies the selected filters, and then sends back the finished image to the users. Thanks to the cloud nature of the app, it also enables users to store images directly on the PhotoMania servers and access them remotely.

Another key strength of having a cloud-based service is that it is essentially platform-independent. Since all the processing takes place in the back-end, the company can easily delve beyond their current Facebook app and make mobile versions or desktop versions of the app. All that changes is just the front-end or the user interface. And that’s something that’s definitely in the works, as confirmed by the CEO, Ofir Yosef. For all the photography enthusiasts, you can expect a PhotoMania mobile app to come out anytime within the next 6 months, with the long list of effects as that of the Facebook app.

So why did PhotoMania choose to begin as a Facebook app? According to Ofir, the answer lies right within the basic purpose of the social network. It gives a lot of importance to photos, with most people using Facebook to share their own photos or view their friends’ albums. It’s a great platform for working with photos, and PhotoMania saw just the right target audience in the millions of Facebook users.

PhotoMania has some amazing figures to quote, and that’s why we know for sure that this is an app that will capture a lot of attention in the near future. Over 900 million photos have already been posted on the platform, of which over 150 million photos have been uploaded on PhotoMania so far. Once the company has established its presence across the different platforms, its long-term plans do include going more social, e.g. having profile pages for its users and giving them the ability to view, like and comment on others’ photos as well.

The world of social media has evolved quite drastically, especially over the past couple of years. 2012 was hailed as the year of visual social media, what with Pinterest and Instagram hogging most of the headlines. In such a competitive age of visual social media, looks like PhotoMania will gain to be noticed. And although Ofir insists that his current priority is to focus on developing PhotoMania into a mass-market product, he agrees that the next big step will be towards generating revenues and monetizing on the success this app is sure to experience.

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