Sleek and fragile, Samsung has designed the Galaxy S4 with all innovative and smart features. But considering the durability and strength of the Nokia 3310, the latter surpasses the former in terms of toughness and battery charge. On being charged once, the humble Nokia 3310 can last for days, whereas the Galaxy S4 requires daily charging of few hours. Made of plastic panels, the Nokia 3310 is a simple device that’s easy to replace. Whereas replacing the panels of Galaxy S4 involves lots of skills and money. Considering the costing, the Galaxy S4 sits at a lavish $630 price tag with no carrier, whereas a second hand Nokia 3310 can be bought at a low price of $20 on sites such as eBay. Coming down to the displays, the AMOLED screen of the Galaxy S4 doesn’t really do well in the outdoors in the Sun, while the Nokia 3310’s monochrome display does great even with the Sun shining. Also the monophonic ringtones on the Nokia 3310 are louder than the Galaxy S4’s speakers. Nokia users also get an option to compose their own ringtone on the device. Apparently, the Nokia 3310 comes preloaded with four games, whereas Samsung has none. Not to forget, Samsung supports plenty of games in its play store. On the Nokia device, dialing an emergency number is easy while on Samsung unlocking the screen and opening up the dial panel may take few seconds. Lastly, always consider your Nokia device safe as compared to the Galaxy S4 as the former will never tempt anybody to steal it, whereas the latter has chances of getting stolen.