Google is up to something. As per a new report, the Internet search giant is getting all prepared to launch certain new hardware devices. Read on to know what all is cooking.

Considering designing a video game console, Google is also working on a digital wristwatch that we hear will be made to be connected with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Following this, Google is working on a second version of its prodigal media player, touted as new Nexus Q.

On the contrary, Apple, we hear is also designing a smartwatch, codenamed iWatch. The Cupertino Calif.-based firm is also rumored to show keen interest in the gaming space.

Among all three, the Internet search giant is expected to roll out any one device by the fall.

Amidst the talk of latest hardware, Google is prepping up to uncover its next version of Android such as Key Lime Pie or Android 5.0. With this version of the operating system, Google aims to offer consumers the best user experience in lower end smartphones and devices, targeting developing countries. The Internet search giant is also slanting towards making low-cost handsets to broaden the reach of next generation wireless networks.

Firms including HP is speculated to be designing laptops, running Android 5.0.