Sunday, May 19, 2024

The New iOS 6 Updates Steals Away The Battery Life Of iPhone 5, iPad Mini


An updates has been rolled out for iPhone5 and iPad to fix a Wi-Fi issue.  But the sad news is that the users who have updated there devices has been hit by battery draining plague.

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Complains in regards to iPhone5 are more as compared to iPad mini. Before the update it was reported that the phone had a decent battery but since the update it is depleting at a faster rate.

The battery drain in iPad mini is quite insignificant.

People on Apple discussion forums have put up posts such as, “I’m losing 10% an hour roughly light web only, 100% at 1pm, 63% at 4.48pm 6.0.2 is caning the battery. Please sort it Apple!” while another states, “I forgot to mention that my phone is heating up while battery drains out.”

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Apple needs to send out a fix soon for this issue as the battery life of the handset is a strong selling point of the iPhone 5.

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