For those who love their swordfight games, the Infinite Warrior plans to stretch the battle to infinity. And yes, do act wisely since the warrior only strikes once…

If you are completely not over the days of the knights and time of the swordfights then, Infinite Warrior released by Empty Flask Games LLC will be a delight for you. Capturing the beauty of a charming stroke of the sword and the relishing the victory over a felled opponent are enough highs for a gamer. At least, the days of the knights still retain some charm for me till now and the game’s easy accessibility and simplicity coupled with high end graphics are impressible.

The game has a simple operation. You just have to swipe in the right direction to make the perfect kill and it all happens in one stroke. Yes, no repeat performances, no chances to reverse your move and yes, no turning back. A right swipe and you move along to the next adversary ready to draw blood and a wrong one, you relinquish the game. The blood spill in each of the sequences is heightened owing to the actual reality of such a battle and that makes the gaming experience all the more gripping.

The game is nicely rendered with special 3D effects offering a wonderful and enjoyable glimpse of a relentless battle. And the fight moves by the warrior are varied. A swipe from you can enable him to stab, crush or even result in a martial arts kick to his opponent. The rewards for the feats are bountiful as players get to earn hidden treasures, and gain experience points which will unlock more levels. The coins and gems collected on the way also ensure that you have upgraded weapons and armors. There are over 30 customization options for setting up the right look for your knight. And yes, if you see any resemblance between the fighter and the Assassin’s Creed character that is just pure coincidence!

If you are interested in adding more coins without gameplay, you can always opt for in-app purchases as well. This is a highly overrated option since you can always develop across the advances after a good practice run. But timing is crucial is to the game and one has to use the swipe in the right time and direction. The game helps you with the direction guidance as well, as a small arrow appears on the screen showing the direction of the stroke.

If you are stopped by the price (2.99$), then don’t feel discouraged, after all good things in life do come at a price. Although, many would feel that it is a bit too much. But when you come across such amazing techniques on your iPhone or iPad device, you would not worry about it at all. The Infinite Warrior is an endless distance game and you can play long stretches without worrying that the game may desert you in between. So swipe your way to new experiences in a fantasy world where the sword play still hasn’t got old and the battle is still going strong!


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