Just a day before Apple is believed to launch the latest iPhone model, more rumors are coming round the corner. The latest to join the league are the speculations that iPhone 5 will support 4G LTE, which Apple believes is the fastest cellular network.

Earlier, it was believed that this next-gen smartphone will carry support for China Mobile, but the latter indicated yesterday that it unlikely to carry Apple’s iPhone 5.

LTE is a next-generation wireless broadband technology that lets users download content, stream video and browse the web- all at high speeds.

The next-generation iPhone 5 or Next iPhone will be designed with latest and best technology to provide fastest speed to consume data, surf the web, and stream videos.

All eyes are set on Wednesday, as Apple has sent out invitations for a press event on Sept. 12th, when it will unveil the next iPhone model.

If rumors are to be believed, this latest device will be thinner and lighter than its predecessors. It will carry a larger screen and will be slightly longer than the iPhone 4S.

Running on the new LTE technology in the US and international market, the iPhone 5 will offer users high speed usage.

LTE is a 4G wireless service and Apple’s new iPad was the first Apple device to support LTE technology.