Technology is changing faces day by day. As you are aware, 3D printing was not at everyone’s reach previously, but now more versatile and affordable printers have come up and this technology in now changing ways for many industries. MakerBot was the first real revolution in 3D printing technologies, putting forth several customized solutions.

 MakerBot Replicator 2 is the latest one in this arena, which helps you transform big objects to a miniscule size of about 410 cubic inches. It came to the market in year 2012 and was meant for the desktops of creators, engineers, or researchers. The prominent technologies now at use in 3D printing are;

 Fused deposition modeling – In this, the printers will be melting a filament of plastic and deposit it in layers to fill up the model. MakerBot uses this technology with two types of plastics as ABS and PLA.

Selective laser sintering – Laser is used to sinter a powdered metal by binding it together and creating a much solid structure. After each layer is sintered, the structure is getting dropped and the next layer is getting built on this base.

Stereolithography – In this, laser is used to cure resin and make a prototype of one layer at a time.

Not just in terms of industries, but 3D printing is bringing in a bit revolution in the medical research and healthcare sectors too. Being still at its infancy stage, this technology got a huge potential with more possibilities in future.