The internet TV war is heating up and Google have recently joined the fray with the Chromecast. While it is definitely the cheapest of the three it certainly comes short on featured content. It most certainly is the easiest to install. All you need to do is plug it into the HDMI port on a HD capable TV, use a USB socket or an electricity point to power up and you are good to go. Users can use Android or iOS devices to control it and even computers connected to wi-fi can be used as controller. Certainly though, each device has its pluses and minuses. Roku, now the Roku 3, has way more exclusive content than the other two, Apple TV lets you AirPlay any video or music from your Mac operating system device and Chromecast is small, sleek and cheap. As of yet Chromecast has the least amount of streaming content, but many providers are coordinating with Google to change that.