Sunday, July 14, 2024

The HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4: Who is The Real Hero?

Touted as one of the most stylish and beautiful device, the HTC One has made the firm pop up again in the world of smartphones. Recent reports suggest that the Taiwanese firm is now planning to give a Nexus treatment to its flagship device- the HTC One. This means that we will soon see a Google edition of the HTC One with the stock Android operating system. The news followed Google’s decision to start the sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android.

Preparing to be rolled out this summer in the United States, the Google Edition HTC One will come out along with Samsung’s Galaxy S4. There’s a reported time frame of next two weeks for the release. However, details whether the smartphone will be put on the market via Google Play just like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or through any other means is still unknown.

It will be interesting to see how the Google Edition HTC One impresses users. With the Galaxy S4, the Google edition comes free of Samsung’s TouchWiz UI and proprietary software that packs the device with more power. Samsung’s own software takes up 8GB of the Galaxy S4’s storage, and with the Google Edition, users can get rid of that.

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The Google Edition HTC One will be a Sense-free version. HTC claims the software that’s included beside Android will improve the performance of its ImageSense software and BeatsAudio. However, the HTC One went down well with users and brought lot of fortune to the company. We are hoping to see some noticeable differences in the Google Edition HTC One and that too for good.


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