The GTA 5 developers have announced in Newswire about some of the issues that they have recently fixed. Some of these issues include those who have stuck in the launching session in Mall or even the Nothing race for web tutorials, erroneous deletion of cash and bank,  inaccurate amount of cash that was dropped for all those who died in  Last Team Standing and Missions and also the problem of overwritten main cast caused by temp characters.

There are few other title updates released by GTA 5 developers. With the recently released title update, the GTA 5 developers have fixed an issue which players faced when they wanted to enter GTA Online through Character Switch Wheel that would result in a black screen.

The next issue they have fixed is when players would start losing their apartments as well as the money that they spent on them. They have also solved the issue of Story Mode mission that were missing earlier. They have also worked on removing autosaves for preventing latent corrupted saves in the game’s Story Mode.

For the players that have been successful and already play the GTA on the web, the developer Rockstar has also unveiled the GTA Online features on the Social Club. On the Social Club, you can check player stats, bookmark Jobs, rate, access Online Guide for reading tutorials and update Crew pages while playing the game.