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The Future Of Black Berry 10 Is In Dark As RIM loses 1Million Subscribers

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RIM shares plummeted by 9% yesterday after company’s third quarter earnings came to surface. The company’s revenues have ebbed to $2.7 million from last year’s $5.2 billion which is an adequate reason for the backsliding of the stocks. The disappointment for the company is that for the first time it has lost 1 million BlackBerry users in the last quarter.

Though RIM is impoverished of customers in the US it still has good customer base in India and Africa where Blackberry is still loved by people. But getting deprived of 1 million users is a big defeat for RIM users generate cash flow for RIM each month from carriers.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins hinted at changes in the way RIM receives fees from carriers with BlackBerry 10. Currently, these fees make up 36% of the company’s revenue. Heins has said that the new phones will not benefit from the web compression technology which is the main thing that RIM provides to BlackBerry users.

RIM has all its hopes pinned to Blackberry 10 which may get revealed next month. The first official image of BB10 device called Z10  has made its appearance.

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After the falling of stocks the future of BB10 is in dark but the leaked image of The New BlackBerry Z10 sure looks promising.

The official press shot has been revealed by UnwiredView along with serial tipster, @Evleaks. The picture shows the handset in both colours it is expected to be launched in – black and white.






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