For the unversed, Free Fire is an online( mobile only) battle Royale game. While you can easily download it from Google Play and App Store, you can also send free fire with share me.

Free Fire is one the most played games after PUBG. Both the games are similar in many ways and keep improving the game with frequent updates. However, many people can’t update it due to some issues.

So, if your friend has installed the updates, you can easily get the updates from that phone. Here’s how.

How to send free fire with share me?

To send free fire to another mobile, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Use a phone that has the updated version of Free Fire in it. Open any file sharing app such as Share Me in it and select the ‘send’ option.
  • Next, look for the Free Fire app in the app section and select it. Go to the ‘files’ tab and open the ‘Android’ folder> ‘Obb’ and long tap on ‘com.dts.freefireth’ and then send the file to another phone.
  • Once both the files are received in the receiver phone, install Free Fire, If installing it from unknown resources is not allowed, first ensure you allow it.
  • Next, go to the file manager in the receiver phone and search for ‘’.
  • Select the move file.
  • Move it to ‘Android ‘> ‘Obb.
  • In the Obb folder, create a folder and name it correctly with ‘com.dts.freefireth’.
  • Paste the copied file in this folder.
  • You are ready to go. Enjoy playing Free Fire on another phone

That said, you need to be careful while sending Free Fire and consider a few precautions;

· Make sure to uninstall the old version of Free Fire in the receiver phone to process further.

· Ensure the folder is named as ‘com.dts.freefireth’. in the Obb folder.

  • The Obb file name must be as ‘main.’
  • As it can be seen, it is pretty much simple to send free fire with share me. Follow the above-mentioned steps and precautions to enjoy an uninterrupted game.