Since the release of iPhone 5, the industry analysts have started focusing on iPhone 6. Though iPhone 5S will be released very soon but the analysts are eagerly waiting for iPhone 6. The new iPhone 6 will come with a plethora of advanced features. One thing that apple needs to improve is the size of the screen and the new iPhone will make all the rectifications.

As per new leaks, the new iPhone 6 will come with a bigger screen and better camera features. The two highlighting features of new iPhone 6 are advanced camera and bigger screen. It will be around 5 to 5.5 inch with retina display. Apple will also improve the display resolution of the screen. The new screen will come with full HD capability. With iOS 7 on the verge of official release, the new OS will add more features to screen like improved gesture control and motion sensors.

 Another new feature, which will be available on   the iPhone 6 is the instagram like camera, which will help the users to share their pictures instantly. It will also feature online hosting facility so that the users can update the photo albums from their device.