The use of Apple smart phone devices based on California made has been approved by the defense department for used by the Military. This announcement has been made by the department today. The officers here enforced the use of iOS 6 as a general mobile platform. The department currently uses about 6 lac smartphone devices, of which more than 4.5 lac are blackberry products. About 8.5k devices use Google’s android platform.   Of the total 6 lac devices, only about 40,000 are Apple products. Blackberry has become the major smart phone supplier in the military here.

Actually, company-based smartphones are capable of securing sensitive data of the military. Still, Samsung is working in the space to create a far more efficient operating system to develop efficient software and hardware security deals. Although galaxy has released a supportive smartphone now in the form of Samsung Galaxy S4, still the military represented its requirement of flexible employees who can use a wide variety of smartphones under the network. The news brings good hope for smartphone manufacturers with set up of a new mobile store from the military department.