That’s the day set, when all gaming fans will get access to the Nintendo’s next generation console.

For those waiting, the news comes as a respite as the Nintendo Wii U will go on sale in North America on Nov. 18th.

Launching just in time before the holiday season, gamers and developers will have something they can look forward to.

Wii U will come in two versions, with basic white color 8GB console costing $299.99 and deluxe 62GB version costing $349.99.

Wii has been a success for the firm and with a deluxe model in sleek black; Nintendo tries to be a hit, yet again.

Apple and Android offer serious mobile gaming threats to Nintendo along with Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo is known for casual gamers, especially after its family-friendly Wii, which saw success with family-oriented games such as Wii Fit and Wii Sports.

At an event in the New York, Reggie Fils-Aime, President, Nintendo America talked of many features of Wii U, hyping the fact that “Nintendo TVii” service will let users integrate their video services, including Hulu and Netflix.

Wii U will come packed with a tablet-like GamePad controller, which users can also use as stand-alone playing platform or a television remote.

It offers competition to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, which the company announced in the summer, will finally be handy on almost any tablet via an app.

The latest Wii U is designed to support two of the tablet controllers, as well as four Wii remotes. It will be shipped with one GamePad.

Launched in 2006, the system’s graphics were noticeably lagging behind the market, and hence needed an upgrade.

The price range of $299 for the basic model puts this new console in line with the lowest prices for those aging consoles.

Will the game developers embrace the new design is what will define its success.

Nintendo officials said to include 50 titles for the console by March 2013, though many of the titles come ported from Sony and Microsoft’s consoles.

However, gamers in other countries will have to wait a little longer for Wii U as the console will hit Europe on November 30th and Japan on December 8th.