Canon's latest EOS 650D Now both of these cameras are very similar and are aimed at the more discerning user – yet the major difference lies in the way which one wants to use the camera.

The EOS 70D is undoubtedly the more advanced and is more focused on new ways of taking pictures, new imaging technologies and the latest ways to share pictures. The D7100 on the other hand is more of a purist DSLR camera. It is more suited to traditional DSLR users, especially shining in studio situations as opposed to how well the EOS 70D does in live view shooting with its articulated touch screen display. This is helped further by the fact that Canon has opted for Phase detection sensors in the EOS 70D which enables much faster auto focus – but only really makes a large difference while shooting live view or videos.

At the moment the Nikon D7100 is the older of the two and thus is available at some dealers at a discounted price. And yet, the difference between the Canon EOS 70D and the Nikon D7100 is actually the utility it is being bought for. Both of them are available in the 65,000 Rs to 75,000 Rs range.