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The Big Samsung Galaxy S4 Secrets Which Would Make It Surpass HTC One And Sony Xperia Z

In just a few days from now, the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphones will unveil its latest flagship smartphone. But what will it take for Samsung to ensure that the Galaxy S4 meets with as much and more success as its predecessor, the Galaxy S3? To start with, it’s got the hype going for its exclusive event to unveil the phone, instead of choosing to do so at the CES 2013 or MWC 2013 events.

In all likelihood, you can expect a rather plain looking body in the Galaxy S4. Making good looking phones hasn’t really been Samsung’s forte – it prefers to stick to sleek phones with plastic casings. Even though Samsung unveiled its bendable screen technology during CES 2013, we doubt if the Galaxy S4 would be as futuristic to have such a screen. But we’re hoping that the 5-inch full HD screen of the Galaxy S4 has ample resolution to take on the likes of HTC One and Sony Xperia Z.

Even if Samsung’s phones don’t look as good, they sure as hell do well in the market. And here’s why. Samsung ensures that its gadgets are at the top of the game in terms of tech specs. The Galaxy S3 was among the more powerful phones launched last year, and going by that trend, we expect nothing less in its successor. So does this mean we can see Samsung put in an eight-core processor instead of the current hot favorite quad-core variants? There are rumors, but the truth still remains hidden.

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Most of the flagship smartphones already announced boast of a 13 MP camera. In keeping with this trend, the Galaxy S4 could, at the very least, have a similar camera as well as at least a 2 MP HD cam in the front as well. Since Google hasn’t yet released Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, we’re expecting the Galaxy S4 to come with Android 4.2 for now. In terms of battery, we wish Samsung ups it from the S3’s 2,100 mAh one to at least 2,500 mAh in the S4. We can expect at least 2 GB of RAM. But in terms of internal storage, we’d love to see around 64 GB, in addition to a microSD card slot.

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