The Best Webinars Available For Free


Webinars (short for web seminars) are engaging online video presentations, lectures or workshops. These interactive online events are usually aimed at sharing knowledge with large audiences (including viewers from across the world).

As a large percentage of global population is locked down in their homes, webinars are quickly rising in popularity. Businesses and organisations in several fields are launching webinars to engage audiences as well as train their employees. Moreover, webinars can also be a good tool to make your quarantine period more productive and gain some extra knowledge.

Here’s a list of some amazing webinars for a start that are currently available to free –

TEDxGateway Webinars

TED talks have always been a pioneer in bringing forward the inspiring ideas and life journeys of several thought leaders to the masses. TEDxGateway Webinar series is a further extension of the TEDxGateway conferences featuring conversations with some of the most inspiring thought leaders and change makers from around the world. Interestingly, the webinar conversations can range from politics and economy to art and culture, healthcare and nation building to gender and human rights and a lot more. You can also join them Live via Zoom application to tune into the conversations.

Techgig Webinar

Techgig intends to provide knowledge sharing sessions on latest skills and technologies by leading professionals and industry experts through its several webinars. Its webinar series and archives are a treasure for any tech enthusiast who is eager to gain insights into various tech trends and IT fields. Moreover, you can utilise your free time during the current lockdown to enhance your knowledge in several tech fields such as cloud computing, IT security, etc. through its Knowledge Series.

Dekho Apna Desh

Dekho Apna Desh’ is a free webinar series that offers the audience an opportunity to explore the rich culture and heritage of India through its online sessions.  The webinar series hosted by the Ministry of Tourism was launched on Tuesday earlier this week keeping in mind the current lockdown. The tourism webinar series aims to cover several tourist destinations across the country sharing informative titbits and interesting stories from their history. 

Meiosis in Quarantine

This one may seem a little unusual on our webinar list. But it has been specifically added for the science enthusiasts and researchers who might be missing their labs in the current lockdown. Meiosis in Quarantine is a dedicated free weekly research webinar series being organized by the Cornell University. The webinar series is held every Thursday starting 7.30 pm IST on topics related to meiosis. The webinar series had already seen participation and sign ups from over a thousand scientists from several countries  such as the United States,  Japan, Australia, China, Russia, and India.

Photography Webinars by Lumix

In light of the extended lockdown, Panasonic Lumix has launched a free webinar series in India entitled “#PassionNeverRests”. Lumix India has invited photography enthusiasts from around the country to join its webinars to hone their photography skills. Panasonic Lumix has announced to organise these webinars thrice a week till May 31, 2020 on various social media platforms. Notably, Panasonic is collaborating with many celebrated professionals from the world of photography to share their insights and experiences. Moreover, the webinar series will cover many genres and disciplines of photography such as landscape, travel, aviation, fashion, and cinematography.

The Yogananda Guru Series Webinars

Unleashing the power of the web, several educational institutions in India have also launched some exciting webinars. One such inspiring webinar series in the recent weeks has been The Yogananda Guru Series Webinars by Shoolini University. The series features talks from some of the leading professionals in the country on a variety of topics from relevance of Ramayana to stress management in times of COVID-19.

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These are some of our top picks from freely accessible webinars. Let us know your thoughts and favourites in the comments below.