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The Best Way To Stop Pocket Dialing Your Ex

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While we’ve all made those drunk calls, it is a nightmare to butt dial an ex especially when partying with friends! While we know that it is genuine mistake, the one on the other side might think you are desperate and want to get back. To prevent yourself from all this drama, let’s learn the best tricks to stop pocket dialling.

What is Pocket Dialing?

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Our smartphones travel with us everywhere, sometimes in our bag and sometimes in our pockets. A little bump or knock can unintentionally dial a call without you even knowing of it. Pocket dialling often occurs when the phone’s buttons are initiated by any little movement in your pocket or bag.When the call is placed, the recipient usually hears background sounds when they answer the phone.This can cause unnecessary embarrassment and even awkwardness if the receiver  hears a conversation they s/he isn’t supposed to.

To prevent pocket-dialling, check out best tricks to stop butt-calling.

Lock Your Phone, Always

Turn off your screen and lock your phone before you put it in your pocket or purse. Just press the lock button on the side of your smartphone to make sure no wanted calls are made.

You can also use a passcode to protect your phone from not only butt dialing but also prevents theft and scams. A strong password will prevent thieves from gaining access to all your personal information.

Steps to activate passcode:

  • Settings > Touch ID & Passcode on an iPhone
  • Settings > Security > Screen Lock on Android phones

Turn Off ‘Tap to Wake’

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The “Tap to Wake” feature lets you get your phone working just by a simple tap. When you turn this button off, you will automatically control the frequency of accidental wakeups in your pocket.

Steps to disable ‘tap to wake’ to prevent pocket-dialling:

  • Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Tape to Wake for Phone
  • Settings > Display > Lock Screen Display > Double-Tap to Check Phone for Android smartphones
  • Samsung users can follow Settings > Advanced Features > Motions and Gestures


Disable Smart Lock

Latest Android phones have a feature that allows you to keep your phone unlocked—that is, without a passcode—whenever at home or while being connected to a specific Bluetooth device. Though this a super-convenient feature, it often allows your butt to dial random calls without you even being a part of the conversation. Thus, it is best to disable this feature it if you find you are making several unwanted calls.

Android users can go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock. Google Play store has several apps that are designed specifically to assist you in ensuring you do not make unwanted calls. these apps gives you to power to  confirm phone calls before you place them and are used incombination with contacts that have been consciously selected from the list and call.

If All Else Fails, Take Drastic Measures

Remove the “Contacts” app from the main home screen, hiding it deep so that it isn’t easily accessible. You can also disable Siri and Google Assistant-related features to avoid assistant-generated calls.


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We hope these simple tricks to prevent pocket-dialling will save you from unwanted awkwardness and embarrassment.

Stay tuned to this page for more such handy tips on dating, online dating and more!

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