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The Best Smart Home Devices of 2018

With a ton of new smart home devices are coming out this year, it is time to make your home just a little smarter. The market has seen several products and whole ecosystems that help you control your home via a single iOS or Android app. You can pick and choose your favorite gadgets to assemble an affordable intelligent abode, and you can also opt for an entire smart home system that does all the work for you. Here are the top 5 smart home systems and gadgets.

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) – Best Smart Speaker

The attractive second-generation Echo changes its skins to match your decor and is smartly designed to control smart home gadgets. Not only this, the Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) not only serves as a speaker but can also be connected to other smart home hubs, and can also read you audiobooks. This smart home device will check the weather for you and also allows you to shop online by using your voice.

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 ECOBEE4 – Best Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee4 comes with a slick touchscreen interface and a remote sensor that allows you to ensure that all the rooms of the house get properly heated or cooled. This new version has Alexa built in which does not require an Echo or an Echo Dot to control other smart home devices. It allows you to just do about anything with Amazon’s voice assistant.

 Roost Smart Battery – Best Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector

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The Roost Smart Battery can be plugged into any existing smoke or CO2 detector and alerts you in case of fire. It sends an alert on the connected smartphone from where you can instantly call 911, in case of emergency.

 Philips Hue White A19 Starter Kit – Best Light Bulb

The kit consists of two bulbs and a hub to connect them to other smart home devices. The best part about these is that the brightness can be adjusted (up to 800 lumens), and add up to 50 to a single hub. Another advantage is that these bulbs work perfectly well with a wide range of smart home systems, including Apple HomeKit, Nest, Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Home

TP-Link HS105 – Best Smart Plug

Not the last one, this smart home device allows you to control the power going to the TP-Link HS105 plug from your smartphone, from anywhere. The TP-Link’s Kasa app also gives you the power to design a schedule for turning the plugs on and off. It also comes with an “Away” mode that will turn your devices on to make it look like you’re home.


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