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The Best Android Apps for 2020 According to Google

Google announced the best Android apps and games of the year, as well as the winners of the Users’ Choice Awards 2020. While the lists are localised, the winners do differ across regions.

Here’s a look at the best apps according to Google : 

Meditate with Wysa by Touchkin has Sleep stories for a calm sleep, and it hands down won the best app of 2020 in India. According to Google, the app is a standout that offers utility, ingenuity and delight.

Legends of Runeterra by Riot Games has been announced as the Best Game of 2020 in India for its accessible, compelling, and genre-defining experiences. It allows players to adapt, compete, and outplay their opponents in quick-fire card battles.

Sleep by Wysa has won rave reviews for its beautiful design and thoughtful execution. The app lets users explore exercises and tools that use cognitive behavioural therapy to calm the mind down and offer help with insomnia, or simply to relax and unwind. 

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These apps were much needed in the year 2020 since they helped users adapt and escape the madness of the pandemic according to Google. Since this list differs across regions, this one is India-specific. 

Google announced best android apps

The Users’ Choice App Award by Google went to Microsoft Office: including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office utilities. 

The Users’ Choice Game of 2020 went to World Cricket Championship 3 – WCC3.

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Some other categories by Google also bring to light some other apps which users have been using extensively – more so in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic which made people (and potential app users) spend a lot of time at home. According to Google, these apps were required so users could  stay connected, pursue new hobbies, and ‘find a respite from the noise of the world.’ 

For example, one of the categories was the Best Everyday Essentials, which according to Google “helped us create new routines in a year of so many upended ones.”
The apps under this category include Koo: Connect with Indians in Indian Languages, Microsoft Office, The Pattern, Zelish – Meal Planning, Grocery Shopping & Recipes, and ofcourse, Zoom Cloud Meetings which revolutionized working-from-home.

With so much time being spent at home, another category of favorite apps was Best for Personal Growth. These included apps for workouts, self-help, picking up hobbies, and more, and included apps like Job Search App, Bolkar App: Indian Audio Question Answer, Mindhouse – Modern Meditation, MyStore, and Writco.

The list of Best Hidden Gems of 2020 includes apps like Finshots, Flyx, goDutch, Chef Buddy, and Meditate with Wysa. 

And then there is the Best Casual category that according to Google bought users “hours of fun in 2020 thanks to their quick-start style, pleasing challenges, and approachable design.” These include EverMerge, Asian Cooking Star, Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off, and Tuscany Villa. 

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Mahak Sharma
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