The battle for dating the former soccer player, Juan Pablo, is on amidst many controversies and adventures. After an exciting start to the Season 18 of The Bachelor with the first two episodes, what’s in store for the episode 3?

Report by the Bachelor Season 18 episode 3 spoilers

Juan Pablo goes on three dates: two one-on-one and a group date with the beautiful women in the competition. The lucky two who get private time with the bachelor are: Cassandra Ferguson and Clare Crawley. Cassandra, the 21-year old former NBA dancer who hails from Michigan.

Cassandra is a 21 years old dynamic girl who was a former trained NBA dancer from the city of Michigan. Clare is 32 and is a hairstylist from California. Cassandra and Juan hit the waters on a yacht where the couple hang out and Juan cooks dinner for her. Cassandra, a single mom, shows the pictures of her son to Juan, before the bachelor quietly slips in a rose for her. Juan shares, “She’s beautiful, funny, and she dances. And I want to get to know her more.”

The group date was exciting, with Juan setting a soccer match at the L.A Galaxy stadium. Except Clare, Elise, Chelsie, Cassandra, all ladies are there. The bachelor shows them some moves before setting them up for an intense game. In the end, all have great fun except Sharleen maybe who gets kicked on her butt. As per information from, Lucy and Christy may be heading back home in the third episode. Only time will tell if the spoilers are correct, and whether the rumors around that Nikki will win the show have any truth. Stay tuned to Bachelor Season 18 only on ABC.