Every music lover likes to sing along to the lyrics of their favorite songs. While there were days when we would just hum the lyrics and our friends would instantly recall the song and the moves, now these games are much better played by our smartphone devices with the help of intelligent music recognition apps which are made with the instinct to instantly identify any song. SoundHound is one such popular music recognition app that is created not only to identify the music but also plays the

Good music recognition apps are capable to identify the tune within a few seconds and give you the lyrics along with exact song that too within few seconds. These music apps have reduced the hustle of storing each and every song in your gadgets. Now you just have to play the tune or hum the sing and you will get your song in front of you. Let’s check out the best and most trusted music recognition apps.

5 Best Music Recognition Apps You Need To Download Right Now

1. Beatfind Music Recognition

It is one of the best music recognition app available on Google play store. This simple and easy to use app allows the user to identify the album songs in seconds, and can also recognizes the songs of lead artists.

Beatfind Music Recognition

It also changes the lighting of the spot and immediately turns on disco lights to create a different mood.

2. Music Detector

This music recognition app has been designed specifically to identify music in one go.The best part about this app is that it works with every type of music source, be it radio or even a music compilation available online.

Music Detector

All you got to do is install this efficient music recognition app for Android phone, the app will listen to the song and will instantly, almost magically, tell you everything about it –  song name, singer name, and any other song related information you are looking for.

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3. Shazam Lite

This one is undoubtedly one of the most popular music recognition apps.  This app is used by millions as the app automatically recognizes music.  This magical music recognition app instantly detects the music.

It enables users to identify all the music that you want without ever having to worry about space again. Just tap once, and let us do the magic!

4. SoundHound Music Search & Play

It identifies the music within few seconds and will tell you the precise song. It will keep all the songs that you listened in your personal history. It also allows you to access the lyrics of songs so that you can create a masterpiece karaoke.

5. Musixmatch Lyrics

This loved music recognition app promptly provides coordinated lyrics with the music and is featured to run with your other musical apps like Spotify . You can easily sing along with the song by keeping an eye on the lyrics which occupies the top space of the app.

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The music recognition apps are perfect to sort all the music queries and help you to manage your on demand song list. It clearly provides complete details of the songs. It is always suggested to keep your smart phones installed with any of these music apps to light up your party nights and to brighten your breakup days.

Let us know if you are using any of the best music recognition apps! Write down your review in case yours hasn’t made it on our list.