Stuart Hughes is a man who would go down in history for sure. And no he is no mean jewelry designer or something—he’s a designer who can snaz up your precious little iPhone  just as he had done the iPad 2. But wait before you think of getting in touch—the man’s just as exquisite as his pieces. He is working on only a hundred iPhone5 sets and one could be yours if you are ready to shell out  £21,995!

And why such a lavish tag you wonder? For gold and diamonds galore is the tag not justified enough? The Hughes edition of iPhone comes with 18K gold plating and the one of its kind Apple logo encrypted neatly with diamond studding on its outlines. The creator of such an exquisite beauty had reportedly taken weeks to bring out the final gold-diamond version. Each diamond is one carat and 53 diamonds on one iPhone is indeed a deal that’s out of the world.

Flashback to the iPad 2 Gold edition and we recall even the bone of the extinct T-Rex and Ammolite rock having been used to spunk it up. No doubt it was branded the History edition. It came in a jeweled finish and had a blingy look with 13 diamonds in total.

The iPhone 5 from the Hughes edition comes loaded with class and its high end features are of course known to have taken the world by storm already. Add to this the magic off Hughes’s hands and the brilliance of Apple and here’s another apple that appears more tempting than the one at Eden which introduced temptation to the human race. Perhaps we have temptation re-introduced with Apple again.