Gaming enterprise Imangi has released the second edition of its ever popular game, Temple Run and has managed to clinch the top spot with its latest release. So what makes the game click? One finds out…

It has been a wondrous time for Imangi Studios which has reveled in the success of its ever popular game, Temple Run which recently had the release of its second edition. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the game has raced away to the top spot. Within four days of release in its iOS version, the game has gathered a whopping 20 million downloads.

Temple Run 2 follows the key plot where the central character, a wandering explorer steals an idol from an ancient temple and unfurls a conundrum of demons, chaos and random events. The gamer controls the character through his fingers maneuvering him out of the temple and escaping the situations through a run – the Temple Run. The character can jump, duck or turn as per the directives and gather coins on the way which can be redeemed for various bonuses. The latest version of the game features more vibrant graphics and new settings including more types of hurdles as well. The power ups and achievements have also undergone upgrades making it a must play this season. Besides the series of devilish monkeys which were part of the earlier version, the latest edition also employs a huge monster monkey as well who is out for your blood. To make up for a more interesting gameplay, the developers have also introduced additional features such as rope swings as well.

Imangi Studios has kept itself abreast with innovation and even introduced a special edition, Temple Run Brave in collaboration with Disney. The version featured locations and characters from the Disney-Pixar movie, Brave.

And yes, if you are an Android user, the game has been launched on it as well. One can just browse across the Google Play Store to get the latest version of the game. The game is dominating the charts and raced to the top spot on the App Store charts as the ‘top free app’ for a duration of 12 hours after its debut. The game has packed a lot of features including improved graphics and a dash load of new scenarios which make it a good pick.

The first edition of the game has registered over 170 million gamers since its launch and with current trends, the sequel is expected to surpass it. While the first version had a good time difference of over seven months between its iOS and Android version, the latest game has released both its versions within a single week – a fact seconded by game co-founder Keith Shepherd who admitted that the team is ‘happy to have the launch much closer together’ than ‘on the original’. He also hopes ‘to grow and expand the game’ in the coming times.