Teen Sensation TikTok Grants Parental Controls

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To parent’s relief –though not so much to kids’ delight–TikTok readies to grant parental controls on the platform. TikTok launched Family Safety Mode for the app through a blog post on Wednesday.

TikTok added in the blog post that it aims to provide users a fun experience which is also safe and authentic. Notably, TikTok had already introduced the Screen Time Management feature in April last year. However, the new features are a significant add-on to the platform. The announcement is indeed a welcome move, especially considering its large user base among children and teenagers.

TikTok’s features for Digital Well-Being

Newly introduced Family Safety Mode will enable parents and guardians to ensure a safer TikTok experience for the teens. It allows parents to link their teens’ TikTok account to that of their own.  It, then, offers a set of digital well-being features such as screen time management and restricted mode.

Screen Time Management feature enables parents and guardians to control how much time their ward can spend on the app in a day. Additionally, Restrict Mode enables them to restric their teens’ access and exposure to content which is inappropriate for their age. Moreover, with direct messages option, they can also limit who can send messages to their child. Furthermore, it also allows parents to completely turn off direct messaging for their children.

Online Safety Video Campaign on TikTok

Remarkably, TikTok is now also introducing Screen Time Management in Feed. It is also collaborating with some of its most popular creators and influencers for the same. Pro-active in-app short videos will be created to encourage users to have a healthy relationship with digital platforms like TikTok.

Notably, screen time management videos are a part of TikTok’s safety video series campaign, ‘You’re in Control’. The series offers a fun yet informative look at TikTok’s various safety features and best practices for a safe online experience.

It is also worth noting that these features have already been made available in the UK. The new features are expected to roll out to other countries in the coming weeks.


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